Products, Partnerships & Innovations

Social Impact Analytics & Digital Entrepreneurship for Philippine Cooperatives

Day 1, as the research and technology partner of Bayan Family of Foundations, have taken the challenge of developing a technology platform for the cooperative sector in the Philippines.

The platform aims to align with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by measuring social impact on a nationwide scale and using the power of data and analytics to drive better decisions and outcomes for the cooperative sector. The data collected and processed will then be used to develop digital education programs on entrepreneurship and social development.

Digital Behavior, Health and Citizenship

The digital revolution in the last 20 years has brought unprecedented opportunities in social and economic development. It has formed new industries and has disrupted traditional entities. The advent of digital and social media technology is now at the center of every company’s strategic direction.

With every opportunity available there is an equal amount of risk and downside as it has also allowed abusers to take advantage of this unlimited access as well as its impact towards every user’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual wellbeing.

Our vision is to create technology that would handhold every digital citizen and provide a positive roadmap towards maximizing every facet of technology to improve their lives and elevate their standard of living.

Research, Data, & Digital Handholding for the Real Estate Industry

The process of buying a property is not linear anymore. Because of the digital revolution, the touchpoints created have produced a myriad of processes involved in decision making. Day 1 with its experience both in real estate development, consulting and digital transformation intends to come up with a service and platform with the sole intention of making sellers effective agents in the digital world by understanding the ever changing landscape and always innovating digital platforms.

Data Matching of Citizen Concerns on Public Utilities & Services with Public Entities

Day 1, through real time capturing and consolidation of overflowing sentiments of Filipinos to improve services of government entities, intends to make this publicly available data useful by establishing an active channel for civil exchange to improve communication, operations, and consistent delivery of service.

Using Data to Solve Forecasting & Supply Gaps of Delivery Riders in the Logistics Industry

The success of the e-commerce industry brought about by digitalization and the effects of the most recent pandemic has brought online selling to unprecedented levels of success. With this drastic change, the need to complete the process of selling to the actual delivery creates a big demand in the logistics industry. By building the right platform, Day 1 intends to create an ecosystem between service providers and logistics companies to bridge this widening gap.