The Day1 Mindset

Day 1 believes that business is more about shared beliefs―not profits—and relationships are as important as results. We are your partners in the expanding and chaotic digital space.

We research for you in real-time. We sift, analyze, and translate big data into simple, actionable information. We help you understand so you can make better decisions.

The Day 1 Culture

Day 1 is a culture-centric organization with technological capacities focused on data, innovation and simplified solutions.

Culture is a verb, not a noun for us. We take care of our own – from pioneer partners to new hires. We also apply this same value system in handling our accounts. Ultimately, growth is what Day 1 wants for everyone.

Our people are our most valued assets.
Our diverse workforce is highly invested in our common goals - this is Day 1’s most sophisticated technology.
Our work has only one guideline: What works. We are a walking-shorts-and-sneakers kind of company. Result is the uniform we require here.
Fun & Positive is our yin and yang. We miss our office and colleagues during weekends. We love Mondays. Enough said.
We agreed to decentralize leadership and idea generation, and put creativity before conventions; so far, so good. We are effective not because of MAs and PHDs, but because we think and move as a unit.