Our History

We are lucky to be at the intersection of public and private entities as well as small and big industry players. This experience allows for a different vantage point towards creating effective digital solutions.

Presidential Campaigns

3 presidential campaigns. Digital research, data analytics, strategy & execution.

Senatorial Campaigns

4 senatorial campaigns. 7 senators. Digital research, data analytics, strategy & execution.

Local Elections

3 local elections. Over 20 elective posts. Digital research, data analytics, strategy & execution.

National Government Agencies

Law enforcement, environmental protection, traffic management. Real time digital research, data analytics strategy & execution for various national agencies.

Local Government Unit

Multiple local government units. Citizen research on social media, engagement, strategy, & execution.

International Companies

Digital research for the international market or local digital research, data analytics, strategy, engagement, & content development for local execution.

Real Estate

Industry benchmarking specific to sales and marketing on various digital channels with internal audit & strategy.

Electric & Power Companies

Brand perception and engagement performance on digital for a national player and digital research, strategy & execution for a local player.


Overall company audit focusing on marketing, customer experience, and corporate communications for a top player in the industry.


Customer journey mapping with real time digital research focusing on marketing and customer engagement for one of the top players in the industry.


Baseline research focusing on customer’s digital behavior for a number of branches for one of the biggest retail players in the country.


Crisis management and customer engagement on digital for one of the big pioneering local players.

Tourism & Hospitality

Digital research, strategy & content planning and development for mid-end and upscale resorts in the Philippines.


Digital transformation handholding for over 350 small to medium scale businesses in the service industry.

Media & Entertainment

Digital transformation research, strategy, and consulting for big media agencies and key personalities in the entertainment industry.

Our Decade of Expertise

Our long list of expertise fall under four basic service categories:

Helping organizations transition to digital in various management functions.

Understanding human behavior on current and emerging digital platforms.

Understanding the story behind every digital trend.

Creating insights from a combination of digital data sources including traditional types of research.