Day 1 Help Center

How many users are given access to the platform?

Each company are given up to 5 user accounts to access our platform.

Is there a discount for an annual payment?

We will give a 10% discount for annual, upfront payments. For bulk subscriptions, please contact our Sales Team.

How do I get charged?

Our contract is a one year lock-in period with 3 months advanced payment. You are charged monthly through your company’s credit card or post-dated checks submitted to us beforehand.

Will my company be automatically renewed?

Before our contract expires, our digital consultants will contact you to report your progress and ask for feedback. We recommend renewal as changes in the digital world will always continue, and your subscription to our platform ensures that the company is able to transform and excel alongside the changes in the digital world.

What if our company decides to use mobile phone to access?

Our platform is web-based and is compatible with any browser. It is also dynamic and can be viewed on any mobile device but best experienced using a desktop or laptop computer.