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If there’s one thing Covid-19 has made clear, it’s that online businesses are not just optional--they are now the norm. Hindi na pwede ang nakasanayan lang.

At present, Day 1 has helped over 250 MSMEs nationwide take their offline expertise and translate it to online success.

Ito ‘rin ang gusto namin para sa’yo.

Harness the power of digital

This is the perfect opportunity to take full control of your business and restart with Day 1.

Case Studies and Best Practices

HTP Clothing

In 2014, clothing online sellers started using Instagram more. How can Half The Price Clothing differentiate its products to get noticed?

Kurin Water

The alternative product industry is still small not not as mainstream. How can Kurin Water make its unknown brand and cleaning products credible in the digital market?

Coach Mimo

With his life coaching seminars, Coach Mimo is changing lives and companies for the good. But how can his service and voice reach, touch, and help a bigger audience almost instantaneously?

Whitewoods Hotel

During the 30th SEA Games, “Kikiam” became a trending topic because of a complaint from a Philippine coach. What should be the right reaction Whitewoods Hotel given this very bad PR?